FIBO 2022


Dear exhibitor!

Optimal-Time Ltd. has been successfully operating in the fitness industry in Hungary for 10 years. In 2021, we launched the GYMtronic franchise gym network which currently has 2 gyms in operation, we have orders for 3 more GYMtronic gyms in the next 3 months and we plan to open 5 more gyms by the end of this year.

We currently source gym equipment exclusively direct from manufacturers and provide our own back-up service for our franchise partners. If the quality and pricing of your equipment is suitable for our network, we would like to receive a product catalogue and price list, as well as information on ordering and delivery conditions.
If you already have an existing reseller partner, we will not harm your reseller partner’s market, as we sell exclusively to members of the franchise network, so you can only reach these customers through us.

GYMtronic® highlights:

  • 7/24 gyms
  • unified brand and image
  • proprietary software and hardware
  • system works on all smartphones
  • own service team
  • dedicated 7/24 call centre
  • successfully operating franchise gyms
  • a dynamically expanding network

Please contact us with a product catalogue and price list.


+3670 4200 365